Elkhart Brass has solved an industry design flaw with the introduction of the new No-Leak 4 inch valve. The previous industry design was susceptible to seal damage, which caused leakage. Elkhart Brass is confident of our patent pending innovative design, and we are proud to announce a one (1) year no-leak warranty on EB40 valves.

Elkhart Brass devoted a team of experienced engineers to the task of discovering a solution, integrated stainless steel cams on both top and bottom of the flange so when the valve is in the open position, it is forced away from the seal during operation. We have tested the new valve design in the harshest of conditions and we are confident that the new EB40 will be the solution to the industry problem.

To show our commitment to our customers, Elkhart Brass is offering a one (1) year “No Leak Warranty” on all EB40 valves shipped after May 1st 2015. In addition to our standard Elkhart Brass Warranty, the “No Leak Warranty” will cover valve leakage “for any reason” during a period of one (1) year on all EB40 model valves. If you experience a leaking EB40 valve within the first year we will provide replacement parts free of charge.