EXM2 Monitors

Wi-Fi Connectivity

The EXM2™ system includes an integrated Wi-Fi server within the monitor control module. This provides secure access to the EXM2 browser page for simple, intuitive configuration of the monitor and controllers when required. Connecting to the monitor via Wi-Fi also allows you to set travel limits, keep out zones and retrieve diagnostic information, all from a Wi-Fi capable tablet or laptop.

Mechanical Properties

  • Motors and control components sealed to NEMA 4
  • Axially aligned thrust bearings for extreme durability
  • Absolute position sensors for precise control
  • Manual override control in event of power failure
  • Teflon impregnated, hard anodized aluminum alloy waterway
  • Extreme torque motors

Control Features

  • 12 or 24VDC Compatible
  • Wired or wireless control options
  • CANBUS J1939 compatible
  • Programmable STOW, DEPLOY and OSCILLATION
  • Programmable travel limits and keep out zones
  • Programmable travel speeds
  • Integrated water valve control

EXM2 Controllers & Accessories

EXM2 Input Controllers

All EXM2 Controllers include:

  • Standard monitor controls for UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT
  • Dedicated STOW, DEPLOY and OSCILLATE buttons
  • Nozzle controls for FOG/STREAM
  • OPEN, CLOSE and PRESET controls for optional Unibody Valve
  • AUX button for powering an external device such as a light or camera

Panel Mount Controller 7010X2

Designed to be mounted on a panel, the controller is hardwired directly to the monitor via CANbus. Compatible with 12 or 24VDC systems and rated to IP67.

Wireless Handheld Controller/Gateway 7015X2

The IP67 rated wireless remote control includes everything needed to operate a monitor, nozzle and optional Unibody valve from a safe location. The docking station with built-in induction charging system eliminates the need for replaceable batteries. The wireless controller comes pre-configured to communicate via RF to the Gateway Module. The module, with an external antenna, can then be mounted in a location convenient to the apparatus builder. The Gateway connects via CANbus harnesses directly to the monitor.

Joystick Controller 7030X2

The joystick controller is designed to be surface mounted in the vehicle cab, providing convenient and intuitive control of the monitor. Containing all of the EXM2 monitor controls, the joystick utilizes proportional speed control for precise positioning of the water stream. Operate a valve using the joystick trigger or the OPEN/CLOSE buttons on the mounting plate. Integrating CANbus within the joystick design eliminates the need for an external module, simplifying installation and programming.

Position Display 7051X2

The Position Display provides instant feedback to the operator on the monitor’s current position utilizing the signal from the monitor’s integrated position sensors.

Unibody Valve with E14X Actuator

The optional Unibody Valve, compatible with all EXM2 systems, provides on/off or gateable control of the water supply to the monitor. Control the valve with any of the EXM2 input controllers or with an APEX™ Electric Valve Controller.

Programmable Travel Limits and Keep Out Zones

User definable travel limits and keep out zones, programmed and stored in the EXM2 monitor control module, allow you to set parameters that limit the movement of the monitor. These limits are used to ensure the water stream is maintained within a safe area and prevent damage to equipment and personnel.

Programmable Deploy and Stow Positions

The DEPLOY function allows you to move the monitor to a pre-determined attack position with the press of a button, while the STOW feature returns the monitor to a programmed home position.