Scorpion EXM

Efficient, high-flow, electric remote controlled water monitor (water cannon) for fire apparatus, ARFF, industrial pumper, and deicing vehicles.

The Scorpion EXM is a large flow capacity addition to the EXM product family. Developed as the successor to the radio frequency (RF) control series, the EXM operating system is a “plug and play” digital communication and control architecture that simplifies installation while greatly expanding builder and user selectable options.

In addition to the EXM functionality, the Scorpion has been further updated to employ a new ultra high efficient waterway and axially aligned thrust bearings for a 23% increase in flow efficiency and 10 times greater durability.

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File Description File Type Link
7010 Panel Mount Enclosure igs
7010 Panel Mount Enclosure step
7015 Handheld Remote Controller Package zip
7020 Remote Charger igs
7020 Remote Charger step
7030 Joystick igs
7030 Joystick step
7038 Joystick Controller Package zip
7051 Position Feedback Module igs
7051 Position Feedback Module step
7072 RF OEM Interface Module zip
7073 OEM Interface Module zip
7085 Light Kit step
7095 EXM Stow Module igs
7095 EXM Stow Module step
7400 Scorpion EXM Monitor igs
7400 Scorpion EXM Monitor step
Dimensional Drawing pdf
Dimensional Drawings pdf
EXM Component Drawing pdf
Parts Drawings pdf
Wiring Diagram pdf
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EXM Calibration mp4
EXM Clear All Function mp4
EXM Configuration mp4
EXM Diagnostic Files mp4
EXM Firmware Update mp4
EXM Keep Outs mp4
EXM Motor Speed mp4
EXM OEM Interface Module pdf
EXM OEM Interface Module – Wiring Supplement pdf
EXM Oscillation mp4
EXM Stow Module – Troubleshooting Guide pdf
EXM Stow Postition mp4
EXM Travel Limits mp4
EXM Valve Operations mp4
Scorpion EXM – Typical Aerial Install Guide pdf
Scorpion EXM Manual pdf
Scorpion EXM Quick Install Guide (QIG) pdf
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Can 101 – Can Communication Guide pdf
EXM Configuration Tool pdf
Performance Documents pdf
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Datasheet – EXM Stow Module pdf
Datasheet – Scorpion EXM pdf
EXM AD pdf
EXM Ordering Guide pdf
EXM Video mp4
Platform Aerial Application pdf
Scorpion EXM pdf
File Description File Type Link
EXM Configuration Tool zip
EXM Configuration Tool Manual pdf