The new Elkhart Brass hydraulic remote control system is feature rich and offers the most cost-efficient and reliable industrial fire protection solution of its class.

The Elkhart Brass hydraulic remote-control fire protection system is designed to provide reliable industrial fire protection solutions for Class I, Class II and Class III classified locations. The fully remote controllable solution design enables ease of install and operation and incorporates high-quality, system reliability and flexibility required for modern industrial fire protection application.

Key Features

  • Available with optional absolute position feedback via analog encoders. This enables monitors to maintain pre-programmed coordinates after power loss

  • Suitable for following classified areas

  • Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, D, T6

  • Class II, Division 1, Groups F & G, T6

  • Class III, Division 1
  • 85 Brass monitor construction for corrosive environment and sea water applications
  • Double-race, brass bearings on vertical and horizontal swivels ensures monitor reliability and durability

  • Automatic oscillation available with optional encoders

  • Communication with facility fire detection and alarm system enables system activation via fire alarm input
  • Group response enables grouping and activation of group(s) of monitors with input from fire detection system
  • Networkable
  • Up to 24 monitors per system with RF network
  • Up to 128 monitors per system with Operator Control Panel (OCP) network via ethernet IP
  • Cat 5e copper or fiber (multimode or single mode) networking

  • Up to 1.2 miles (2 km) distance between devices
  • Optional portable Radio Frequency (RF) control with up to 1000 feet (305 m) range
  • Integration with ancillary devices such as flame and heat detection systems
  • NEMA 4x OCP enclosure enables outdoor mount of the OCP
  • 5-year limited warranty for monitor system and 2-year limited warranty for control panels/units

HRCM Applications

  • Oil Refineries

  • Oil Rigs

  • Petrochemical Processing Plants

  • Tank Farms

  • Fueling Areas

  • Docks

  • Coal Storage

  • Sulfur Storage

  • Sugar Storage

  • Chemical Processing

  • Lumber Mills

  • Paper Mills

Select with Configuration Example #1

The select package prevents local operator exposure to the hazard with an Operator Control Panel (OCP) outside of the hazard zone. Capable of system activation via facility fire alarm input.

  • Optional RF control for up to 24 monitors per system

Premium with Configuration Example #2

The premium package prevents local operator exposure to the hazard with (OCP) outside of the hazard zone and enable control from remote location via HMI console.

  • Capable of system activation via facility fire alarm input
  • Capable of manual override with either OCP left/right, up/down and straight/fog toggle switches or via remote HMI console
  • Networkable with either fiber (multimode/single mode), Cat 5e copper. Up to 128 monitors per network system
  • Capable of group activation
  • Optional RF control available


RF Control Optional RF control enables portable Radio Frequency (RF) control.

  • Up to 1000 feet RF control range (305 m)
  • Optional RF control for up to 24 monitors per system

Customizable Configurations

Elkhart Brass has a long history of providing customizable, configurable product solutions to its customers. Fire protection systems throughout the world rely on our experience to not only listen to your needs, but deliver top-quality, manufactured products designed to work better.

Have it Your Way

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