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EXM by Elkhart Brass

Elkhart Brass offers a variety of user selectable, EXM compatible components for use with EXM enabled monitors. From controls to nozzles, the many options from Elkhart Brass allow you to tailor the product for your application. This forward thinking design enables your apparatus design team to do what couldn't be done before - to bring their big ideas to life. It's the ultimate system and the ultimate solution.

Start here to begin specifying your equipment.

The left-hand column contains all of the EXM product options. Each time you click on "Add to EXM", that product will be added to the right column under "EXM on Board." This column is your personal configuration. When you have added all of the products you would like to this column, all you have to do is click on "Print Your EXM". From here, you have all of the information necessary to place an order or specify EXM on board your apparatus.

To get started, click on "Add to EXM" to your left to view the options available with each monitor. For a description of the product, click on the "Details" button. You may specify more than one of any item, just click on "Add to EXM" multiple times. The quantity will display in the upper right corner of that product under "EXM on Board". If there are additional options available for a specific product, they will show up in the left column after you have added that product to your configuration. You can also click on the "Options" button for a product in your "EXM on Board" to view the additional products available. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service at 800-346-0250.

Using the back button on your browser will exit this program. To return to a previous screen of options, use the "Back" button at the top or bottom of the left-hand column.

Check out our suggested configurations below to help you get started.

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